Topic Progress:

All right. Let’s conclude everything we’ve learned in the past few videos on that conversation after the inspection. We’ve covered “what is wrong,” “why it happened,” “when it can be finished,” and “how much it’s going to cost.”

We want to wrap this up really tightly. I’m going to have a template in this lesson that has it all put together for you when you make that call. Feel free to adapt it to your liking for your shop.

“My technician Jim looked at your car and discovered your X is broken and needs to be replaced. I’m not sure why it broke, sometimes that just happens. The good news is that I have the parts in stock and it should be ready by five. The total cost of the repair–parts, labor, and tax included–is $752.36. Do you have any coupons or are you a member of our VIP program?”

Once you’ve got it mastered and totally ingrained in your head, it will come out naturally. It will be very effective. You are not asking for approval, you are just stating the facts of what will happen next. From there they will make their decision. That concludes the conversation after the inspection.