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Discussing their other vehicles

We’re now at the end of the service experience. Hopefully, everything’s gone great throughout the process and your customer is very happy.

Wrap up by asking the following:

“I just want to make sure that your service experience at our shop was a really good one. Are you comfortable and happy with everything that happened today?”

Pro Tip: You can slightly nod your head up and down when you’re asking this. This subconsciously it with their answer.

You’re going to know whether the customer has been stressed about the expense and that they haven’t been too happy. If that’s the case, you might not ask that question. You might just wrap it up and tell them to have a good day.

If you’re feeling that this has gone really well, or they gave you positive feedback, move on to the next step.

Print off the maintenance tracking reports for their other vehicles. To be more efficient, print these off ahead of time, but never show them to the customer until the end. We never want to distract them from the vehicle that’s in the shop. By waiting till the end, you’ve concluded the conversation on the current vehicle.

“While we were serving you today, I was looking at your other vehicles and I decided to print out the reports for them. I’d just like to give them to you so you know the statuses of what’s going on with the other vehicles. I can see that this vehicle has a few things that are pretty important that are due. Would you like to bring it in tomorrow or Thursday?”

This is how you can easily increase your car count. Just by asking about the other vehicles. Most shops don’t think of this. Imagine the difference if 20-30% of your customers say yes to having their other car come in. That’s a huge increase in sales dollars that you’re not paying marketing to get in the door.