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I need the work done sooner.

You’ve given the quote and you’ve said that you can get the vehicle done by a specific time or a specific day. The customer responds with “I really need to get this done sooner.”

This is an easy objection to overcome. You need to find out why they need it sooner. Ask the following:

“What’s going on that you need the vehicle sooner?”

This is when you’ll get the answer you need. They’ll say they have an appointment they need to go to, or they have a road trip planned. Something along those lines. This is when you find a way to manage your time to make it happen.

Try rearranging in your head what your technicians are doing. Maybe you have a customer who isn’t in a hurry. You can slot this customer in before them. Maybe if they need a ride you can give them a loaner vehicle, or give them a ride to help them out.

The point is to understand the reason why they need that work done sooner. That way you can work with the answer they give. The vehicle may not need to be done sooner if you come up with an alternative solution that suits their needs.