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Customer says they’ll decide later.

They might say “I will wait until I can get money for this” or “I will wait until so-and-so comes back.” Whatever the case might be.

What you want to do is paint the fear of what might happen if they wait. Maybe in your quote that there’s something that could be a safety risk. Point out that it’s a safety risk and you’re worried about their safety, and the safety of other drivers on the road. By giving this as a reason to do the work now, you’re going to help overcome that objection.

You want to use the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) method. Here’s an example discussed before.

  • They could lose their spot in line.
  • They could lose the price they were quoted
  • Explain you can only honor the quote if you book them in now

“We price out the parts, and base the labor we have available today. So when people book their spots today we can guarantee the price. But I can’t promise it’ll be the same in a week or month.”

The customer has a fear of missing out on this opportunity.