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Let’s talk about justifying the sale with the facts afterward.

I’m going to repeat this again because it’s so important to understand if you’re in sales.

The majority of us buy for emotional reasons. We only justify our purchases with the facts afterward.

I talked about buying some fancy new rims for your vehicle and having to go home and justify your purchase to your spouse. It’s only then when you start talking about fuel efficiency, handling, and safety. Usually, it’s just plain old BS, but you’re trying to justify your emotional purchase. You just wanted your vehicle to look good!

When your customer leaves the shop they are literally a block or two away trying to justify what they paid for. In their head their asking “what did I just spend a thousand dollars on at the shop?”

You want to implant those reasons in their head so they’re not left asking.

This is why the service tracking reports are so powerful. You get to show them the facts. Show them the life added to their vehicle. Show them how long those services are good for.

Right after the bill has been paid, you hand them their service tracking reports. One is the before report you showed them at the beginning. The other is the after report, that has the services you just performed. Compliment them on the good decision they’ve made. Tell them how they’ve added “four years of life to that battery” or “three years to that transmission service”. Help them quantify the results of their good decision. Provide them with that report to bring home.