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Here are a few basic rules for getting the best impact on the phone

Get the customer’s contact information

If you got a quote on something and decided not to buy, would you give them your contact info if they asked? of course not. This is why you ask for the contact info right away, that way if they decline your offer, you can follow up. getting their info is this easy:
“In case our call get’s disconnected, may I get your name and number?”

Get the customer in the shop

If you can avoid it, don’t give quotes over the phone. If you have to, give them the lowest starting price. “_________ service starts at $_______, to give you an accurate quote I’d need to look at your vehicle in person. Can you drop if off today or tomorrow?”
When you tell them on the phone “it can be from $200 to $400, depending on…” you are making a huge mistake. You’ll distinguish yourself from other shops by giving an easy-to-remember dollar amount.

Always answer the phone as fast as you can.

Customers in the shop have more patience than customers on the phone. Customers who are already in the shop have already decided to use you to get work done.  The customer on the phone is trying to find someone.
You can ask the customer in the shop if they mind that you grab this call. If this only happens once or twice your customer will tolerate it.

Always be polite on the phone and ask for permission.

This is a huge pet peeve of mine that shops do all the time. I call a shop and they answer with “Johnny’s Auto Shop, please hold!”. They throw me on hold without bothering to hear me say yes. If this happens while I’m on the street leaking coolant everywhere, you bet I’m going to hang up and call the next shop. Ask if they can hold, then wait to get their permission. They will say yes and not be irritated if you’re polite about it.
Put your parts supplier on hold. Put other calls that are not customers on hold. Don’t put your customer on hold if at all possible.

Smile when you pick up the phone.

It actually works, as far fetched as it sounds. People can hear your smile through the phone and that will put them at ease.

Have a standard greeting.

Create a standard greeting that your entire team uses, for example “Welcome to Johnny’s Auto Shop, home of the three year – 25,000 mile warranty. How can I help you?” Make sure it’s repeatable and professional. It will make you stand apart. 
Remember, the whole goal when the customer is on the phone is to get them into the shop. You need to tell them that you have to see their car to give an accurate price.
If you’re looking to deepen your phone skills beyond this course, I highly recommend this book.