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Let’s talk about price objection

Price objection is one of the easiest objections to get around. This is because the customer has already admitted two things.

  1. They have agreed the work needs to be done
  2. They want you to do it if there was not a price concern

Most shops think a price objection means the customer wants a better price. That is a huge mistake! The only reason price is a factor is the absence of value. You need to figure out what that value is the customer is looking for.

Here is an example of how people want more value over a better price. Many people who would rather spend 5X as much on Starbucks’s coffee over a McDonald’s coffee. Others will spend 3-4X on a Mac vs PC. People will pay more if they see value in their preferred brand.

The same applies to automotive repair. You need to find out the value the customer is looking for that makes them overcome the price objection.

When someone says it’s too much, ask them why they think it’s too much. You need to ask what it is about the price that is the issue. The point is to pull out an answer that will help you counter the objection.

Can’t afford it

Let’s say they don’t have enough funds to pay for the work. In that case, mention that you offer to finance. Objection overcome.

Comparing with past experience

Perhaps they’re comparing it to a similar service that on their other vehicle and it costed less. You can explain that the vehicle is designed and engineered differently. On this vehicle, the parts are more, or it takes more time to do the job, which is why it costs more. Walk the customer through the source of the higher cost.

Cheaper competitor

The customer says other shops are cheaper. Make sure they’re comparing apples to apples. Do the other shops offer a two-year, twenty-five thousand-mile warranty as you do? Do they offer a courtesy shuttle so that you’re not inconvenienced by the repairs? These things are important to consider. What added value service do you offer that makes the price make sense?

Doesn’t understand why repairs are so expensive

Some customers just don’t understand why repairs cost so much these days. If this is the case, explain your process in great detail. Step 1, 2, 3, etc. Tell them about what it is in the process that adds to the cost.

Those are just a few of the price objections that you might get. We will later address other types of objections and how to get around those. Create a cheat-sheet of objections/responses for yourself that you can memorize. This way you can counter those objections on the spot.