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Let’s talk about preparing for the service visit.

Specifically, about the service history research.

This is a huge sore spot for our industry.

Shops are waiting for the customer to come in to do the inspection to find the facts. With today’s technology, this is unacceptable.

Vehicle owners see the inspection process as a fishing process to make money.

Amazon can predict when I’m going to be out of diapers based on my purchase history. They know when to remind me to think about ordering new ones.

Why the heck can’t repair shops predict when I will need my next oil change, tire rotation, coolant flush, and any other recurring service?

Some shop’s don’t care enough to take care of their customers that well.

If the customer has come to the shop 3, 5, or 15 times, you have enough history on them to know what’s going on with this vehicle.

You know what maintenance has been done, and can age it by the miles driven per day. This tells you which services need to be done now, and which need to be done later and when.

Programs like Carfax can be used to find services done at other shops. The idea is to take this history and compile it into a report. When the customer walks in, you can hand them that report.

By compiling and aging all services, It shows you’re going to ensure the customer is never oversold.

This increases the customer’s trust in you, which results in them willing to spend more.

ServiceIntelligence creates predictive service reports for you sub-second. You can also choose to make the reports by yourself with spreadsheets. It’s very time consuming but it’s possible.

There are a lot of shops in our program that have aged their history with spreadsheets. They’ve seen great success in increasing sales. ServiceIntelligence saved them hours a day.

Services in the blue means that those services aren’t due yet, and gives a date when they’ll be due. The services in the red are past due.

When the customer walks into the shop, you can tell them the following.

“This process stops me from selling you something you don’t need. The things in blue are not done yet, we’re squeezing every mile out of every service for you. Those things in the red are now past due and should be taken care of today”

The result is selling more services at the front counter on the drop-off, before the inspection.

This transforms the customer experience as you remove the unknown. Customer can plan for maintenance and be informed ahead of time.

The more mystery you can remove about car repair and maintenance, the more sales you’ll make.